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In a small business environment, it is normal to want to feel like you can trust everyone around you. But in reality, remaining cautious is for the best interests of the company. A safe is the best first line of defense against individuals with ill-intentions, whether you know them or not.

Proactive measures are taken every day to protect businesses, so why not invest in a physical security system for extra insurance.

Protect against internal theft.

With direct access to the cash, it can sometimes be too tempting for team members to resist skimming off the top. A safe prevents this by ensuring only designated team members to have access. Safes are designed to only open with a pre-determined combination code or key.

By limiting the number of individuals with access, small businesses can limit losses. If there are valuables missing from the safe, there is a smaller list of people that could be responsible for the theft. This means the business is more likely to find the culprit and potentially retrieve the stolen goods. At the very least, the company will know who is being untrustworthy, which serves to prevent any future internal theft from the same individual.

Protect against external theft.

Any kind of theft can feel violating and personal, but at least with a high-quality safe, the thieves will not be able to access any valuables.

The heavy-duty locking mechanisms serve to prevent thieves from tampering or breaking into the safe. Plus, a variety of safes are designed to be mounted to a wall or similar location to prevent thieves from stealing the entire safe. Stealing the entire safe would give the thieves more time and privacy to access the valuables inside, especially if they need additional tools or space. Keeping the safe out of general eyesight is another great way to discourage thieves.

Protect all kinds of valuables.

When it comes to safes, many small business owners automatically think of protecting cash. But the best part about investing in a safe is the ability to secure a wide variety of valuables, including cash.

Safes can be used as additional storage space to manage important documents, safeguard electronic devices, and any other valuable belongings.

Simply locking your office door is not enough to prevent theft. For example, if you work in an office building, there might be dozens of keys that open your door. The cleaning staff, property managers, and utility workers all need access to your office space, which means any possessions left unattended are at risk.

Protect against natural disasters.

Our high-quality safes are essentially natural disasters and accident-proof. Fires, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes can all wreak havoc on small business locations. A safe ensures that important documents and other possessions are kept unharmed in the event of a disaster.

If you would like more information about safes, need help determining the safe that fits your small business, or other security products, please contact Dunbar Security Products at 1.800.766.9145.