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    Protection That’s There, Even When You’re Not

    Protecting your facility and employees without impacting your business operations can be a challenge. Our variety of top-of-the-market access systems go a long way towards keeping your business secure and freeing time for you to focus on other business tasks. Control access to your doors, elevators, garages and other points of entry.

    Access Control System Capabilities

    Managed Access Control

    We use a cloud-based service, which gives you the ability to control multiple facilities through our suite of web-based tools and applications. Mobile access to these features allows you to keep track of who is entering and exiting your building even when you aren’t there. Leave the day-to-day administrative tasks such as adding and deleting users, updating schedules and compiling reports to us.

    Access Permissions

    Our access control systems allow you to fully customize access levels and specify times for employees and other persons to access your facility. Assign specific permissions to different points of entry in your facility that can be assigned to individuals as well as groups.

    Access Reporting

    Easily keep track of employee’s access history and cardholder movements. With the remote management options, you’ll find comfort in knowing that you’ll quickly be notified via a device of your choosing should an entry door breach occur.

    Scalable Management

    Our access control systems are designed to be effective, easy to use and adaptable to any environment. As your facilities and workforce change and expand, we can easily add or edit access controls.

    IP-Based System

    Since, Internet-Protocol based systems do not require a middleware device or software for maintenance, you’ll experience a more reliable system, with real-time notification abilities, easier maintenance all the while lowering your IT costs.

    Software Upgrades

    Since out systems are IP-Based, we’re able to update them remotely as soon as software upgrades are available, ensuring that you always have the most current security features.

    System Monitoring

    Our team of highly trained security experts keep you from having to monitor access on your own. With 24/7 monitoring services, you can give your full attention to other business responsibilities knowing that trusted professionals are keeping your business secure.

    Fully Integrated Systems

    We take pride in offering managed and fully integrated security plans for all of our clients. Combine an access controls system with security personnel services and/or alarm and CCTV systems for a security solution custom-tailored to your organization to provide continuous protection.

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