Identify Threats While Keeping Your Distance

Since its introduction to commercial business, video surveillance has proven to be a powerful tool for mitigating risk, by both improving business security and benefiting your bottom line. Our cloud-based video surveillance solutions give you the ability to assess any workplace situation or emergency before putting yourself or others in harm’s way, all for an affordable price. Monitor and identify anyone on premise using state-of-the-art video analytics through advanced artificial intelligence. Our installation process employs a full project team with a dedicated project manager that can integrate multiple locations to the same video surveillance system.

Video Surveillance System Capabilities

Video Recording

Our best-in-class technology utilizes an IP-based video surveillance system with cameras that capture and archive critical video footage. We are constantly following the latest advances in surveillance technology, assessing what systems will work best for your business, environment and budget.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Our cutting-edge software can remotely monitor and identify high-risk scenarios in real-time. Our solutions include artificial intelligence capable of automatically responding based on your customizable preference. Video footage not only allows you to identify threats but can also help you to assess and handle incidents within the workplace.

Fully Integrated Systems

We take pride in offering managed and fully integrated security plans for all of our clients. Our video surveillance systems can be integrated with security personnel services and/or access control or intrusion detection systems, providing you with a custom-tailored security solution that continuously protects your business from all angles.

Video Surveillance Benefits

Evidence for Legal Concerns

Should your business need to respond to a legal issue that took place on the property or within the facility, video surveillance can provide visual proof of any incident on the premises, allowing you to address legitimate claims and refute false ones.

Employee Safety

Your employees should always feel safe in their workplace environment. With a Dunbar video surveillance system, you can utilize video footage to keep your employees protected by monitoring who is on the premises at all times.

Operational Improvements

Video surveillance allows you to monitor employee activity as well as observe manufacturing processes, track valuable assets and more. Keeping an eye on what goes on each day in your facility can reduce loss and improve business productivity.

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