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Video security systems are so commonly used in businesses that nearly 240 million of them are found in locations throughout the world. It’s no wonder why: these systems provide employers with constant knowledge of exactly what’s going on in their organizations. Surveillance systems are scalable for each individual business and deter internal theft, decrease the likelihood of unauthorized entry, improve productivity, and decrease insurance costs. Now, with the increased implementation of video analytics (also known as video content analysis), along with those security systems, businesses are able to have even better insight into their organizations.

With video analytics, security systems can search for and identify specific occurrences in real time and trigger alerts. By doing so, these systems enable organizations to be proactive and prevent certain types of security events. This capability provides a significant advantage over traditional security systems that require operators to manually scan 24 hours of video for suspicious activity. Systems with video analytics analyze everything that the cameras are observing as they occur and allow users to narrow searches by time, date, and level of motion. Organizations can set these systems to trigger alerts for a multitude of criteria including:

Heat Signatures – View crowds in areas where a large group of people could present a problem or monitor the effectiveness of a display or end cap.

Direction – Monitor employee traffic during a shift change or lunch break to see if any employees move in atypical directions.

People (or Object) Tracking – Observe if an area under surveillance that typically does not house people or certain objects is being intruded upon.

Object Left Behind – See if people have purposefully or mistakenly left surveilled areas without all of their belongings (extremely important in transportation and used extensively in America and Europe).

Additional triggers include face biometrics, dwell and loitering, demographics, smoke and flame detection, and dynamic masking, among others.

The security benefits here are very impactful in virtually any organization. Being able to identify suspicious behavior or activity as it happens gives system operators the power to stop threatening activity that ranges from marginally disruptive to potentially catastrophic. System operators are able to act as quickly as possible to notify the proper authorities and appropriately address the situation. This means a safer workplace environment for employees and a more secured business for employers.

Dunbar Security Systems can protect your business by implementing many of these solutions and monitoring your organization. Connect with a member of the Dunbar Security Solutions team today at 1.844.622.5154.