Cassida InstaCheck


Automatic counterfeit detector with infrared, magnetic and ultraviolet sensors

Developed for retailers and cash handlers that need instantaneous currency verifications, the Cassida InstaCheck is a reliable solution capable of authenticating currency in under a second.  Equipped with the latest infrared and magnetic ink detectors and a comprehensive database of mapped infrared, magnetic and ultraviolet bill markings, the InstaCheck offers advanced, multi-detection accuracy for currency detection.  Using audible and visual alerts, this automatic counterfeit detector immediately indicates the legitimacy of currency with its easy-to-understand, pass/fail indicator.  Compact and lightweight, the InstaCheck is sized specifically to take USD, ensuring ease when feeding bills and fewer dimension errors than other similar detectors.

Cassida InstaCheck Highlights:

  • Programmed for USD only
  • Quick and easy to use for immediate verification
  • Utilizes three (3) counterfeit detection functions to offer validation in less than 1 second per bill
  • LED display with pass/fail graphic overlay
  • Protected by 1 year full parts and labor warranty
  • Optional 3 year extended warranty available*

*Extended warranty must be purchased at the time of the sale and included on the same order.  If selected, the three year extended warranty will replace the manufacturer’s original 1-year warranty and will cover parts, labor and return shipping. Normal wear and tear, accidental damage and cleaning are not covered under any warranty.

***Returns for this item require a 20% restocking fee.***

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Accepted Currency



4.2"W x 2.75"H x 5.1"D