Bill authenticator with Super Dollar detection capability

Reduces counterfeit losses with this compact, fast and reliable portable bill authenticator.  The AccuBANKER D500 Super Dollar* authenticator, counterfeit detector immediately verifies the authenticity of US currency as well as its denomination.  Designed with automatic front and back loading options as well as automatic counting functions, the D500 allows users to keep track of manual counts while simultaneously verifying security features.  Equipped with a computerized screen capable of denomination discrimination functions as well as security icons that alert the user where exactly the bill has failed, the D500 utilizes five counterfeit detection methods (including ultraviolet sensors, internal magnetic detection and infrared detection).  Audible and visual alerts signal whenever a suspicious bill is detected.

AccuBANKER D500 Highlights:

  • Programmed for USD
  • Automatic loading with front and back loading options
  • Super Dollar* detection capability
  • Counting capabilities with automatic adding function
  • Features number display, error display and currency/denomination display
  • Utilizes five (5) counterfeit detection functions for authentication
  • Easy-to-read, LCD display
  • Easily updated for new bill releases
  • Audio and visual pass/fail indicators
  • Protected by 3 year manufacturer warranty

*The Super Dollar is a high quality counterfeit $100 bill that is typically very difficult to detect

***Refunds for this product can be only issued within 30 days of purchase.  Please contact us for details.***

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Accepted Currency



5.7"W x 3.0"H x 5.9"D

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