12″ x 16″ VoidPak


12″ x 16” top-of-the-line, single use deposit bag featuring void, tamper-evident closure and dual numbering. Separate deposits for cash and checks.

VoidPak security features overwhelmingly exceed our competitor’s glue sealed bags.

Preferred by armored car service users.

100 bags per box | holds 2000 notes or bills per bag (about two bundles).

For orders of 50+ boxes, contact us!


Quantity Discount Price Per Box
1 0% $30.00
2-3 5% $28.50
4-5 10% $27.00
6-7 15% $25.50
8-9 20% $24.00
10-29 25% $22.50
30-49 30% $21.00
50 35% $19.50

The Dunbar 12” x 16” VoidPak tamper evident bank money deposit bag provides a top-of-the-line security design for high-risk security environments. Composed of biopolymer coex material, these deposit bags feature a void tamper-evident closure. The premium security tape displays “VOID” when subjected to cold temperature or peeling. The thermo heat indicator changes color when exposed to hot temperatures. The aqua detect indicator distorts or disappears when exposed to saliva or chemicals. This user friendly, single pocket and single use money deposit bag features .25” security side weave and number with security printing, tear-off receipts with match sequential numbers and a writable white surface for easy use even under the most time-sensitive circumstances. VoidPak security features are significantly more advanced and secure than our competitor’s glue sealed bags!

Dunbar Security Products guarantees that this deposit bag is current with industry standards and will be accepted by all armored car companies and banking organizations.

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Preferred by armored car service users.

100 bags per box / holds 2000 notes or bills per bag

Reorder Number: 1216SPCG

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Weight 15 lbs