11″ x 15″ VoidPak+ Dual Pocket


Tamper-Proof Dual Pocket Deposit Bag for Cash, Checks, and Documents

  • Single use dual pocket deposit bag featuring void, tamper-evident closure, and dual numbering.
  • VoidPak security features overwhelmingly exceed our competitor’s glue sealed bags.
  • Clear film easy to identify in vault or cash processing operations | bank’s preferred choice for accelerated deposit programs!
  • 200 bags per pack | holds 1,000 notes or bills per bag. Perfect for medium size deposits!

For orders of 50+ packs, contact us!

Quantity Discount Price Per Unit
1 0% $36.00
2-3 5% $34.20
4-5 10% $32.40
6-7 15% $30.60
8-9 20% $28.80
10-29 25% $27.00
30-49 30% $25.20
50 35% $23.40

Trusted Protection and Two Pockets

Need a deposit bag that provides extra protection for your cash and valuable items? Our 11″x 15″ VoidPak+ Dual Pockets is designed with two separate pockets to keep your items organized and secure. The tamper-evident seal on each pocket immediately shows any signs of tampering, ensuring maximum security for your valuable items.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Our 11″x 15″ VoidPak+ Dual Pockets is not only secure but also convenient and easy to use. Its dual pocket design makes it easy to organize your items, while the self-sealing adhesive closure ensures that each pocket is easy to seal and secure. The bag is also lightweight and easy to carry, making it an excellent choice for anyone who needs to transport cash and valuables on the go.

Versatile and Reliable Solution

At Dunbar Security Products, we know that our customers have different needs. Our 11″x 15″ VoidPak+ Dual Pockets is a versatile and reliable solution that can meet a variety of requirements. Whether you need to transport cash, jewelry, documents, checks, or other valuable items, our deposit bag will keep them secure and protected during transport.

Customizable upon request!

Customizing options are available to any regardless of your organization’s unique needs. If interested in customizable options, contact Dunbar Security Products here!


Dunbar Security Products guarantees that this deposit bag is current with industry standards and will be accepted by all armored car companies and banking organizations.

200 bags per pack / holds 1,000 notes or bills per bag

Reorder Number: 1115VTC2

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Weight 3.25 lbs