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Every organization is responsible for protecting their employees, property, services, and products. To curb security risks, many companies wisely choose to place people on their curb — a single guard or a security team that can maintain control and prevent issues such as theft and vandalism.

A professional, experienced, and customer-focused security guard service can help you “keep the watch out” in a way that matches your specific security needs. But just hiring any service and hoping for the best? Watch out.

The security of your business location, worksite, or event is too important to leave in the hands of anyone with a good-looking uniform and a well-operating mouth. How will the guards deter problems, not just handle them? How will they respond to an emergency situation? A disciplined, intelligent presence is vital to ensure safety.

When researching and selecting the right security guard company for your organization, here are five words to guide the process:

1. Experienced

You want seasoned, skilled support. It’s not worth the risk hiring a company that is under-qualified just because they offer a low rate. The person or people in charge of your security should have ample experience — know the provider’s longevity, and ask about the track record of the individual(s) who will be assigned to you.

No company will tell you that they just arrived. So contact references, and ask these questions:

  • How would you rate the professionalism of the company?
  • Did the guards look and act professional?
  • Were there any issues that arose?
  • Did anything surprise you about their service?
  • Why did you decide to go with this company?

2. Trained

The security guard(s) you hire should have undergone the a high level of intense screening, classroom instruction, and hands-on training. What first-rate training requirements does your prospective provider mandate for the guards you will entrust?

Companies that continuously improve their systems, training, and processes are more likely to be excellent firms to partner with — and more likely to succeed at improving your security.

3. Supervised

Even highly skilled, highly experienced security guards should be monitored and constantly held to a high standard of excellence. Does your prospective provider have supervisory personnel that ensure consistent quality control? Do they perform unannounced on-site inspections? Effective supervision translates into less property loss, lower maintenance costs, and more time to concentrate on your core business.

4. Collaborative

You want a security guard company that will be a good partner. Periodic meetings between your management team and your provider’s key personnel can ensure proper analysis, planning, and execution of your security process. Ask the provider if a quality-control representative is on call 24/7 to guarantee immediate communication and efficient handling of any emergency.

5. Service-Oriented

Security guards are hired to prevent headaches, not cause them. They will be viewed as an extension of your business. “Professional” means punctual and attentive. Superior service should be emphasized by your provider right from the start of their guards’ training process, resulting in professionals prepared to understand your organization’s unique situation.

Here are some potential red flags:

  • Poor Better Business Bureau grades
  • Complaints made about the company’s service
  • Guards complaining that they didn’t get paid


If you want to know more about the company you’re interested in, don’t hesitate to do your own research. Visit the provider’s website, and see if the firm’s philosophy and capability align with your needs.

Dunbar, of course, would love to learn more about your guard services needs. Our experienced team is able to quickly analyze requirements, anticipate problems before they occur, and implement necessary security measures. We can put your security plan into action without wasting time or money.

Connect with a member of the Dunbar Security Solutions team today at 1.844.622.5154.