Cassida Advantec 75


Heavy-duty currency counter with four counting speeds and options for counterfeit detection

Count money quickly and accurately with the Cassida Advantec 75 bill counter.  With four counting speeds (800; 1,000; 1,200 and 1,500 bills per minute), this heavy-duty currency counter can easily be adjusted to quickly count through fresh, crisp bills or to slow the count in order to allow worn bills to pass through without issue.  The top-loading capabilities allow users to easily and continuously add bills to the 700 bill capacity hopper as the machine counts, making it ideal for high volume cash counts.  The Advantec 75 is equipped with Cassida’s exclusive ValuCount™ feature, which calculates the total monetary value based on the selected single denomination and make quick work of tallying the total bill count for the denomination.  The innovative One-Eye-Open™ operation signals the machine to sleep when not in use to save energy and allows it to quickly spring into action once bills are added to the hopper.  The infrared detection system ensures that bills pass through completely and individually and will notify users with visual and audible alerts whenever it detects half, double or chain bill issues.  The crystal-clear, LCD screen displays all information clearly and in layman’s terms so there’s no need for deciphering odd codes when bill errors occur.  Add an ultraviolet counterfeit detection system with or without magnetic ink detection for an additional layer of defense against counterfeits.

Cassida Advantec 75 Highlights:

  • Programmed for US currency only
  • Adjustable count speeds ranging from 800 to 1,500 bills per minute
  • Operating modes: count, add, batch and add + batch
  • ValuCount™ feature
  • One-Eye-Open™ operation
  • Auto-start and stop capability
  • Custom batching range: 1 – 999 bills
  • Self-diagnostic system with self-lubricating bearings
  • Optional UV and/or magnetic counterfeit detection functions
  • Protected by 1 year full parts and labor warranty

***Returns for this item require a 20% restocking fee.***

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs

Accepted Currency



10.6"W x 9.0"H x 9.8"D

Total Hopper Capacity

700 bills

Stacker Capacity

250 bills