Equipped with with three adjustable count speeds (800; 1,000 and 1,200 bills per minute) and four counting modes (mix, count, sort and orientation), The AccuBANKER 7500 s a multi-currency bill counter that quickly and accurately counts bills, allowing for mixed denomination counting and final count results that show the total value as well as the number of bills involved in each count.  Use the mix mode to count mixed denominations of bills and obtain the total amount of money as well as quantity of bills counted.  Activate count mode to have the unit function conventional bill counter that solely computes the quantity of bills counted, even if their condition is poor and rejected in the mix mode.  In the sort mode the unit memorizes the first denomination scanned, then will compare the rest of the bills with this denomination.  When a different denomination is found, the unit will send different denominations to the rejection pocket, allowing for continuous sorting and yielding a stack of bills that are all of the same denomination.  Use the orientation mode organize bills face up, face down, left or right to prepare bills for strapping.  In each mode, as it counts, adds and batches bills, the AB7500 simultaneously uses six counterfeit detection functions (size verification, double bill detection, ultraviolet detection, magnetic ink detection, infrared detection and magnetic thread detection) and will alert users of a suspicious note through audio and visual alerts as well as on-screen error codes.  Add the AccuBANKER Thermal Printer (sold separately) for detailed printed reports.

AccuBANKER 7500 Highlights:

  • Programmed for USD and EUR currencies
  • Capable of counting mixed denominations of bills to obtain a grand sum total
  • Adjustable count speeds ranging from 800 to 1,200 bills per minute
  • Operating Modes: mix, count, sort and orientation
  • Displays total and partial results of each count
  • Equipped with six (6) counterfeit detection functions
  • Unique rejection pocket allows for non-stop counts
  • Easy software update procedure when new bills are launched
  • Compatible with AccuBANKER Thermal Printer (sold separately) for printing detailed receipts
  • Protected by 3 year manufacturer warranty

***Refunds for this product can be only issued within 30 days of purchase.  Please contact us for details.***

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs

Accepted Currency



10.5" W x 9.5" H x 9.75" D

Total Hopper Capacity

500 bills

Stacker Capacity

200 bills